First “Full” Assignment Done

I’m currently in my last full semester as an undergraduate; I’ll be a part-time student in the summer, and then I’ll graduate sometime in July or August. I’m still not really sure what I want to study in graduate school, but I have /some/ ideas: clinical psych, developmental psych, linguistics, speech pathology, public health. I can see myself doing something different every other week.

I’ve been a research assistant at the Infant Development Lab for almost two years, and I’m finally taking Dr. Bahrick’s course on Infant Knowledge during what might be my last semester in the lab ( :c ). Our first assignment was due last week, and since most of the research I know about is hers, I ended up writing about it for our journal assignment.

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High School Mental Health Project (HSMHP)

Our end of the semester project for my Censorship and Propaganda class was to create a project that relates an aspect of culture to our major.

I created a (fake) organization that focuses on hosting opinions that high school students have on various mental health topics. Images used are from Adobe Stock.

Here is the link: 

Below is the “About Us”:

High School Mental Health Project (HSMHP) is dedicated to bring awareness to mental health issues by hosting teen voices. While Miami-Dade County Public Schools has made some attempts to bring attention to mental health issues, some students feel like their efforts are not enough.

HSMHP’s goal is to provide students with a medium where they can express their opinions on how to handle mental health issues, whether it be at a school, national, or global level.

HSMHP also provides students and members of the community with statistical information derived from student surveys to further support student experiences and opinions. Under What Students Should Know, high school students can find more information related to mental health issues, from community resources to the latest research.

Opinions are posted anonymously, unless asked otherwise.