First “Full” Assignment Done

I’m currently in my last full semester as an undergraduate; I’ll be a part-time student in the summer, and then I’ll graduate sometime in July or August. I’m still not really sure what I want to study in graduate school, but I have /some/ ideas: clinical psych, developmental psych, linguistics, speech pathology, public health. I can see myself doing something different every other week.

I’ve been a research assistant at the Infant Development Lab for almost two years, and I’m finally taking Dr. Bahrick’s course on Infant Knowledge during what might be my last semester in the lab ( :c ). Our first assignment was due last week, and since most of the research I know about is hers, I ended up writing about it for our journal assignment.

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First Show in a Couple of Months

I finally went to a show after months of being too tired or busy with school work to go to one (still disappointed I didn’t see Beyoncé perform because I had to study for my final for my human bio lab). I got to see: Diet Cig, who were super energetic; Brick + Mortar, who were also energetic but more “weird”; and The Front Bottoms, whom I’ve been wanting to see since high school.

Here are a couple of pictures I took via Teenlink that will go up in a photo gallery on its website later: