Research, Research, Research!

I should be graduating next Summer or Fall, which means I have to really start looking into psych research and narrowing down my interests/what I want to research in grad school. I have already read a good amount on intersensory redundancy and on how infants learn to perceive, categorize, and remember environmental information thanks to my lab.

I have a list of topics I need to do research on:

– Depressed mothers and infant vocabulary skills
– Bilingual children and vocabulary skills
– Children in daycare vs not in daycare vocabulary skills
– Culture and vocabulary skills
– Discrepancies in child psychopathology assessments

My main goal this summer is to start working on an honors thesis and to gain more experience as a research assistant. Hopefully I’ll get into an out-of-state research program, but I plan to split my time between two labs (infant lab and mental health interventions lab) over the summer if I don’t.

First Show in a Couple of Months

I finally went to a show after months of being too tired or busy with school work to go to one (still disappointed I didn’t see Beyoncé perform because I had to study for my final for my human bio lab). I got to see: Diet Cig, who were super energetic; Brick + Mortar, who were also energetic but more “weird”; and The Front Bottoms, whom I’ve been wanting to see since high school.

Here are a couple of pictures I took via Teenlink that will go up in a photo gallery on its website later: