New Bridge to Benefit Student Pedestrians (first article via FIUSM)

My first story via FIUSM was released almost a month ago.

Here’s a snippet and a link of the article published on FIUSM:

In attempt to make transportation not only easier to students, but to the community, a new pedestrian bridge, sidewalks and plazas will connect the City of Sweetwater with Modesto A. Maidique Campus.

Set to be built by 2018, the bridge was first proposed in 2011.

“We had submitted twice but were turned down, not because it was a bad project, but because there was limited funding,” said Kenneth Jessell, FIU senior vice president for Finance and Administration and chief financial officer.

A partnership between MMC, who completed to FIU Football Stadium Expansion, and FIGG Bridge Engineers will finalize the designs of the bridge. The bridge will link Sweetwater with the northern entrance of FIU over Southwest Eighth Street. Improvements will also be made to the entrances of MMC and to the 109 Avenue area in Sweetwater.

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Changes in Bright Futures

This school year, the most recent changes to Florida Bright Futures will come into effect. The changes will most likely cause the number of college freshmen receiving the award to drop to half; poor and minority students, according to analysis by an administrator from University of South Florida, will suffer the most.

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