Modern Baseball Premiere “Holy Ghost”; Talk Growing Up and Calming Down

I really started to listen to MoBo a lot end of junior year/senior year of high school; haven’t really been keeping up them since college started. I think the new album is filling me up with a lot of sappy, nostalgic feelings. They’re probably one of those bands I’ll always be thankful for, even if I stop listened to them. Have to give it a couple of more listens to really pay attention to the lyrics, but sounds pretty good.

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Modern Baseball

“We were dealing with a lot of loss and change in our lives—grieving not only for ourselves, but for others.”—Brendan Lukens

Holy Ghost, the third full-length by Philly’s Modern Baseball, is the kind of album where small details take on great significance. In the roaring, rapturous “Mass,” Jake Ewald doesn’t just write about missing someone, he dials in on the specifics: “Days like this I miss listening to records/ making coffee together/ snow globes and jersey sheets.” In “Breathing in Stereo,” Brendan Lukens summons a similar emotion, writing, “I can’t help thinking about you this whole ride home/ from Alberta, Portland to wherever I’ll soon unfold.” That deep focus, plus their ability to pair it with songs that are almost effortlessly melodic, makes Holy Ghost not only the band’s best record, but also one of the best rock records of the year.

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