World Tour Stops For A Day At The Fillmore

After missing tour after tour, I was finally able to see Pierce The Veil perform.

I wrote about my experience for Teenlink:

After months of rehearsals, planning, and waiting, Pierce The Veil’s and Sleeping With Siren’s co-headlining tour, World Tour, finally made its stop in The Fillmore this past February 24th in Miami. Touring with Mallory Knox and PVRIS, the show was nothing short of spectacular.

Touring for the first time in America, Mallory Knox provided a passionate performance, playing mostly songs off their first album, Signals. The UK natives got the crowd bouncing along and clapping to songs such as ‘Lighthouse,’ ‘Beggars,’ and ‘Shout at the Moon,’ as well as ‘Ghost in the Mirror’ off their sophomore album, Asymmetry. They briefly interrupted their set to address issues the crowd was faced with security.

The crowd began pushing their way to the front as soon as PVRIS’ singer, Lynn Gunnulfsen, came out to help set up before their performance. Providing an energy driven performance, PVRIS captivated the attention of the entire venue with Gunnulfsen powerful, confident vocals (their set included ‘St, Patrick,’ ‘Fire,’ and ‘My House’). Their debut album White Noise (all the songs they performed were from this album) was a brilliant mix of electronics elements and captivating basslines, and their live performance did their album nothing but justice, if not more. PVRIS has proven to be one of Rise Record’s most promising bands, showing that through not only their debut album, but through their performance – Gunnulfsen’s unwavering voice as well as the band’s eerie and haunting instrumentals mesmerized both fans and new listeners.

After much anticipation, Pierce The Veil covered the stage momentarily with a Collide With The Sky curtain, and teased the audience with their sound check. After playing “May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight,” the curtain dropped and the venue was overwhelmed with an explosion of confetti and the crowd’s yelling along to “Hell Above.” PTV’s vocalist, Vic Fuentes, kept the audience engaged at all times, asking them to sing along and was surprised to find the audience finishing ‘I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket’ without him.

Although it was disappointing that they didn’t play anything off A Flair for the Dramatic, they still provided a captivating set with the majority of the songs coming from their last album, Collide With The Sky. As PTV toured throughout the years, they’ve not only grown musically but performance wise as well. Opposed to a couple of lights back in 2011, they now perform with strobe lights, colorful backgrounds, and love to surprise the audience with confetti throughout the show.

Gunnulfsen went onstage once again to perform Lindsey Stamey’s part in ‘Hold On Till May,’ one of the more emotional songs from their set, which trigged tears in audience and an emotional “Darling you’ll be okay” yelled back to Fuentes. Before starting ‘Bulletproof Love,’ Fuentes brought a member of the audience on stage and dedicated the song to her. Their set closed with ‘King For A Day,’ which featured Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Siren’s singer.

SWS’ banner dedicated to one of their latest singles ‘Kick Me,’ from their upcoming album, Madness, soon went up. The band started off with their recent material (‘Kick Me,’ ‘Congratulations,’ ‘Low’) before moving onto older songs (‘A Trophy’s Father Trophy Song,’ ‘Scene Two: Roger Rabbit’). They also played their latest single, ‘Go Go Go,’ causing the crowd to jump around as two screens onstage displayed lyrics. The audience, restless, still found a way to mosh to one of the most “fun” songs from their set.

They soon came back for an encore and closed with two of their most popular songs ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn’ and ‘If You Can’t Hang,’ prompting phones to go up to record and photograph the last moments of their set. The crowd dispersed as they played ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ on the screens onstage.

The audience’s reaction for the bands created a good atmosphere in the venue, aside for the occasional, senseless pushing in between sets.

Miami is ready for the bands to come back.


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