22 Weeks Later: Brand New at The Fillmore


Although I should’ve expected it, I was surprised to see people camped out for the concert.

After spending more than 157 days “hyping” the concert since we bought the tickets in May, my friends and I were finally able to see Brand New live. Brand New, who toured with Foxing and Cymbals Eat Guitars, provided an incredible performance, performing some of their most popular songs, such as  “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades” and “Jesus,” along with two brand new songs they showcased in previous shows in the tour.

The hours between our arrival and the venue’s opening seemed to pass by quickly.

The wait for doors to open was very similar to last year’s wait for A Day To Remember (except Chloe sadly wasn’t there). For about three hours, we chatted, bonding over stories of previous shows and “embarrassing” situations.


Foxing, whose performance I was honestly anticipating more than Brand New’s, were spectacular. Already raw and soul-baring songs were made more emotional through the band’s phenomenal and passionate stage presence. Though they only played for about half an hour, their live rendition of “The Medic” and “Rory,” along with other songs off of their debut album, The Albatross, was enough to get the crowd hyped enough for the next band, Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Cymbals Eat Guitars performed after a delay caused by issues with the sound system (the amplifiers’ feedback was overwhelming at times). I listened to Cymbals Eat Guitars a maximum of three times in a course of five months before the show and they never really sparked my interest (and, honestly, they still don’t). Although I thought they were instrumentally amazing (their music was easy to bounce around to), I also thought that their vocalist weakened their performance. Maybe it was just the amps (which did have issues) or the excitement for Brand New’s performance or the terrible back pain I faced while watching them that kept me from enjoying them. Looking back, maybe it was their repetitiveness and seemingly elongated songs that caused me to become sort of droozy. Nonetheless, I’m still glad I saw them perform and they did look passionate onstage, which I greatly appreciate.

Brand New

The night was full of delays as everyone anxiously waited for Brand New to come out. At around 10:30, Olivia Newton John’s “Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting” appropriately filled the venue until Jesse Lacey, the band’s singer, came out and started performing “Untitled 1.” From there, the crowd just progressively got more excited. Although there were slight issues in the crowd, they were quickly taken care of. Fans quickly recognized “You Won’t Know,” “Degausser,” and “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades,” along with “At The Bottom” (which was wonderfully executed), “Seventy Times 7,” “Gasoline,” and one of my personal favorites, “Moshi Moshi,” just to name a few.

Foxing’s Conor Murphy (left) with Brand New’s Jesse Lacey (right) during Limousine.

Foxing’s singer, Conor Murphy, joined Brand New on the trumpet to perform “Limousine,” a wonderful introduction to the last couple of emotional songs, which consisted of “Sowing Season,” “Luca,” “Jesus” and “Play Crack The Sky.”

After the band performed their last song.

Even though some stuck around for a while (like a couple of seconds) to ask for “one more song,” the crowd dispersed understandably quickly since the show ended well after midnight.

Overall, it was a good show: Foxing and Brand New didn’t disappoint, Emil had fun on his birthday, and Sabrina got her group picture, despite lack of collaboration from a “supportive staff” member.

The group picture Sabrina wanted (not taken by a member of the support staff).

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