Still Not Entirely Sure What Homestuck Is

The “god tier” Homestuck pixel that was made for me (honestly, I forgot half the things I learned about the fandom in less than two weeks).

A week or so ago, Daniel made me a little Homestuck pixel after figuring out what Homestuck character I am, an identification only made possible through the completion of personality quizzes that took at least two hours to complete.

I’ve known about the Homestuck fandom for at least two, maybe three, years now but haven’t really known  anything about it.  I got recommended to read it multiple times when it was about 5,000 pages or so – now it’s more than 6,000 pages long and I have not read a single word.

To my understanding, Homestuck is a webcomic drawn and written by Andrew Hussie about a boy and his friends who get transported into a computer game after accidentally triggering the end of the world, and they can only leave the game after they complete it.

Other than knowing Flash animations and GIFs aid the story telling, that’s about all I know about it.

I’ve seen countless pictures of people cosplaying Homestuck characters and continuously see fan art but I have no idea what the jokes mean. When I start thinking that I know stuff about it, I don’t.

Honestly, I rather take on calculus than Homestuck.


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