Warped Tour 2014: A New Experience

First band I experienced was Cute Is What We Aim For. Though I was unfamiliar with their songs, I enjoyed their lively set.

I was “stoked” for this year’s Warped Tour ever since it was first announced that Less Than Jake, and later The Devil Wears Prada, was on the lineup. I checked Property of Zack constantly before the tour came down here, waiting for updates, hoping that bands like Dance Gavin Dance, The Wonder Years and even Streetlight Manifesto (although the chances of that happening was basically nonexistence, I still had a glimmer of hope) would join.

In the end, DGD, TWY and Streetlight didn’t join the tour, and although the lineup was a bit shaky since there was no dominate genre of bands performing like previous years, there was still an energetic atmosphere.

unnamed (1)
The Maine’s performance was one of the best of the tour’s.

Although I haven’t really gotten into them, Cute Is What We Aim For had a pretty good set that kept their fans singing along and bouncing around. After them (and finding friends the crowd), The Maine, one of the bands I went to go see, performed and delivered an amazing set that singer John O’Callaghan humorously dedicated to Miami’s Pitbull.

After witnessing the end of the Summer Set’s performance (a band that I honestly don’t enjoy), we watched Enter Shikari, who I was recommended to watch and whose set kept my head-bobbing with their fusion of metalcore and electronic music, while waiting  for Sleeping With Sirens. Feel, SWS’s latest album, was a rather disappointing release and the live performances of the songs from the album were delivered at an even higher pitch than the older songs. The older songs were performed better (but maybe it just seemed that way because of my distaste towards their last album) though Kellin Quinn’s repetition of “this song is so important to me” got annoying.

Less Than Jake celebrated their 365th day playing on Warped Tour with balloons and an ending full of confetti and toilet paper.

Ska punk pioneers, Less Than Jake, did not disappoint during their 365th Warped Tour show. LTJ kept the crowd moving by interacting with festival goers, bringing people up onstage and, of course, by producing the most energetic set in the whole tour.

The Word Alive provided a very hyped performance as frontman Telle Smith called for a huge circle pit that extended from the front of the stage to the merch tables.

Picking between going to see all of The Word Alive’s set and seeing Real Friends was probably the most difficult decision I had to make; I ultimately picked TWA and don’t regret it as Telle is a hell of a front man who was said to create a bigger circle pit than the one August Burns Red produced last year.

We Are The In Crowd wowed with an upbeat performance.

Everyone met up at We Are The In Crowd to watch the pop punk group; Tay Jardine, who is even more charismatic in person, was absolutely stunning.

Although I was bummed The Devil Wears Prada cancelled their signing and I was far from the stage when their performance began, seeing the Ohio natives live enforced my love for them while they directed all their energy towards their set.

Being far from The Devil Wears Prada didn’t mean it was impossible to enjoy their set; their performance of “Outnumbered” from their Zombies [EP], one of my favorite works from them, was captivating with Mike Hranica “going hard” and Jeremy Depoyster’s enthralling clean vocals.


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