College Graduates Face Job Problems

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

According to in 2010, every year more college graduates in the United States expect to find a job with the degree they spent roughly $28,080 on; but instead, find a job that requires no degree and pays minimum wage along with an average of $25,520 in student loans.

Called a generation limbo by New York Times writer Jennifer Lee, most of these 20-something-year-old highly educated gradates are forced in dead-end jobs such as waiting tables, sweeping floors, or being behind a cash register.

“…due to the economic recession, many college graduates are finding it difficult to find employment in their field of study,” said Helena Castro, Miami Lakes Educational Center’s Activities Director. “…many of them are going on to pursue advanced degrees because of the security in financial benefits of remaining in school.”

The unemployment rate for 2010’s graduate was 9.1%, being the highest level on record according to CNN.

The growing unrest within college students over no jobs and thousands in student loans has inspired some to join the Occupy movement and protest.

“I love my education. I think it was completely valuable; however, I feel I’m not using it on a daily basis,” said Natalia Abrams, 31, a recent university graduate who was interviewed by Christine Armario. “We didn’t go back to school to have $20,000 in debt to work at Starbucks.”

John Moffi, MLEC’s AP American History teacher said that college students expect themselves to find the perfect job after they graduate from college, not feeling a need to participate in the opportunity to work their way or to earn their employer’s trust.

“I think [they] have expectations that don’t meet reality,” said Mr. Moffi. “It’s been this way [forever] and it’s not going to be any different.”

Ms. Castro also agrees.

“But the jobs they’ll come …But the reality that the current college grads are living in is probably quite different than that of their parents and even perhaps past generations,” she said.


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